Here's the good stuff 😎.

Right now (May 2024) you're at the start line of this marathon with me, so there's just a handful of articles up.

You're early! I appreciate you being here 🤘🏾.

I'll update this page regularly as this body of work builds.

Business: To help you level up as an entrepreneur.

I don't trust words, I trust action.

A magazine interview from 2014: How I got started in real estate + my top property investing tips.

Brain: about the human brain and mind to help you level up your mental performance.

Finding digital sanity: How I beat my tech addictions and how you can too.

Life: personal growth and choosing a life by design.

A stroke of good fortune: I survived a sudden, serious stroke at 30. This blog post covers what I learned that can serve you today.

I don't trust words, I trust action.