Hi, I'm Niraj 👋🏾 😊

Over the last 12 years I’ve been fortunate to have founded / co-founded 5 businesses - in Real Estate, Wellbeing & Tech - and to have invested in, advised or mentored over 50 business owners in Europe and North America.

Today, I work with businesses in the Real Estate or Health & Wellness sectors through my company DKZ Equity.

So... who the heck am I?

I'm an experienced entrepreneur, investor and advisor with an unusual background story...
Presenting to entrepreneurs in London, 2018

A sudden, serious stroke at just 30 changed my life.

Since then (2010), I've been striving to squeeze the most out of it.

I'm ridiculously lucky to be (99%) ok after suffering a cerebellar infarct (the type of stroke I had).

I hope you never need something like that to light the fire in your soul.

If you're curious about that tale and (more importantly) what I learned that can help you, read about it here.

I needed to understand wtf had just happened to me...

so I became obsessed with learning about our brains and brain health.

That became an immersion into mental wellbeing, meditative practices and mental performance.

All areas that I still learn about and improve in my life today.

Since 2012 I've founded / co-founded 5 businesses:

Since 2015 I've invested in, mentored or advised over 50 other business owners in Europe and North America.

My north star today is to positively impact lives at scale - spanning from where we live, work and play (Real Estate) to how we care for ourselves and each other (Health & Wellness) - through empowering and enhancing the businesses that serve these pivotal industries.

I do that through DKZ Equity, which works with owners of businesses that serve the Real Estate and Health & Wellness sectors who want to either enhance or expand their enterprises, or exit for the highest possible valuation.

Alongside business, my primary passions and pursuits are:

  • Exploring meditative practices, brain / mind performance and wellness technology.
  • Building my skillset in personal investment and wealth management.
  • Frequent adventures in travel, snow and mixed drinks.

And having fun along the way (otherwise, what's the point?).

My work has been highlighted in:


The main topics I write about are:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mental performance
  • Personal growth

sincerely hope my work helps you to improve your business, brain and life.

Want to dive in? Here's the good stuff 😎 (articles).

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Why do I write?

  1. 💡 Clarity - the process of writing forces me to organise, evaluate and refine my thoughts. Writing is my gateway to clearer thinking, true learning and deeper understanding of these topics.
  2. 🎁 Contribution - over the years my writing has helped countless people around the planet improve their lives, businesses and mental wellbeing. Hundreds of them have told me about it. I want more of that warm, fuzzy feeling.
  3. 💙 Attraction - my articles, interviews and press coverage have helped bring so many great people and opportunities into my businesses and life. I'm greedy 😉. I want more of those!

P.S. We're kindred spirits. I also read things to the end ☺️ (except the books I get bored of and abandon part way. Go figure!). I'm glad you're here.

Here's a snapshot of my life:

From the top left:

  1. Leading a tech panel at Baby Bathwater, Mexico, 2022
  2. Speaking on the main stage at Live Well London, 2019
  3. Speaking to entrepreneurs in London, 2018
  4. Leading 1000 Londoners in meditation on a closed down Tower Bridge, London, 2019
  5. Snowga on the beautiful slopes of Tignes, France, 2016
  6. Shaking up non-alcoholic cocktails at an event, London, 2018
  7. Finding a flow state in Aspen, Colorado, 2017
  8. Snow time with the love of my life in Park City, Utah, 2020
  9. A fake meditation capture by uber talented photographer Philip Suddick, courtesy of Equinox and Adam Husler at London's Design Museum, 2018